Charlie’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

For the rest of the summer, try to complete your personalized list and text a picture to auntie! You’ve got my number.

I’ll make a check mark next to the item when I receive the photo.

I love you and I miss you!! Good luck!

XO Auntie Malinda

Bake an angel food cake

Hold a black puppy

Bake something you’ve never baked before

Bake a dessert using fruit and oats

Walk a ‘doodle’ from the clinic

Wear something with 9 buttons

Trade hats with Jack

Help carry in groceries

Find a feather with at least 5 colours

Try a new food from a can (don’t waste it!)

Help mom with a task at work

Pet one of Grandma Louise’s horses

Help clean Rusty & Peach’s house

Pack a snack/dessert and walk to the Enchanted Forest with Jack

Vacuum around the kitchen

Find a rock shaped like an animal and save it for me!

Draw or paint a picture of Maggie eating ice cream (not a turd)

Buy some beef jerkey at a gas station and share

Eat some ice cream by the ocean

Help a little cousin

Pick mom a bouquet of wildflowers


Mail me your school picture from Grade 3!

Find a recipe for you and I to make in September