Jack’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

For the rest of the summer, try to complete your personalized list and text a picture to auntie! You’ve got my number.

I’ll make a check mark next to the item when I receive the photo.

I love you and I miss you!! Good luck!

XO Auntie Malinda

Bake a pumpkin pie

Hold a white kitten

Cook something you’ve never tried before

Cook something using ingredients from the garden

Walk 6,000 steps at once

Wear something with two zippers

Trade hats with Charlie

Help put away groceries

Find a seashell with at least 5 colours

Try a seafood you’ve never had before

Help dad build something

Pet 200F/50J’s ears

Clean Pete’s/Patsy’s cage

Pack a lunch and walk to the Enchanted Forest with Charlie

Vacuum the living room

Find a rock shaped like a heart and save it for me!

Draw or paint a picture of Furry eating popcorn

Buy some Doritos at a gas station and share

Try a new kind of ice cream

Help a big cousin

Pick mom a bouquet of wildflowers


Mail me your school picture from Grade 4!

Find a recipe for you and I to make in September